HerbaVital active drops for reptiles

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Effective and invigorating: HERBAVITAL AKTIVTROPFEN! Activate the life spirits of reptiles and act specifically against weaknesses.

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  • Regen die Vitalität von Reptilien und Amphibien gezielt an
  • Unterstützen das Immunsystem
  • Helfen bei Appetitlosigkeit
  • Geben dem Organismus von Terrarientieren neue Kraft

HerbaVital Active Drops

Unfortunately, reptiles can be under stress. HerbaVital active drops can help to replenish weakened reptiles in the terrarium. Especially after hibernation, the reptile's battery is understandably empty. The HerbaVital active drops contain amino acids that reptiles can rebuild after a strenuous hibernation. But also other stressful situations such as a longer transport or diseases can play with your reptiles badly. Therefore it is important to strengthen the immune system with HerbaVital Active Drops. HerbaVital active drops are used even in cases of loss of appetite and balance the nutrient balance. At the same time the HerbaVital active drops stimulate the appetite again. With 10 ml content you can safely help your reptiles get back on their feet!

Application: 2 drops of active drops are administered orally 2 times a day or mixed with the feed.

Composition: water, glucose, calcium chloride, sodium acetate, potassium chloride, magnesium chloride. Additives per 1000 ml: 1800 mg 4-hydroxybenzoic acid remethyl ester sodium salt, 1500 mg nicotinic acid amide, 200mg 4-hydroxybenic acid propyl ester sodium salt, 50 mg D-panthenol, 10 mg DL-methionine, 30 mg L-lysine, 25 mg L-arginine, 20 mg L-threonine, 10 mg L-tryptophan, 50 mcg vitamin B12.

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