Herbamed Proderma

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The universal weapon against skin problems: HERBAMED PRODERMA! Highly effective and compatible for reptiles.

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  • Stoppt Entzündungen der Haut
  • Lindert Schmerzen oder Juckreiz
  • Wirkt sofort nach Anwendung
  • Inhaltsstoffe speziell auf Reptilienhaut ausgerichtet

Herbamed Proderma

Herbamed Proderma should always be used if you can detect skin problems with your reptiles. It does not matter whether it is inflammation, eczema or other skin diseases, or whether moulting difficulties occur. But especially in the latter case quick help should be given in the terrarium. Herbamed Proderma works effectively and promptly and saves your reptile from the dangers of complications during moulting. Herbamed Proderma is a highly concentrated vitamin preparation. The drug also contains a lot of calcium and silicic acid and is therefore perfectly suited to the needs of reptile skin. 10 ml contents ensure that Herbamed Proderma can always be used as a direct aid for spontaneously occurring skin problems.

Application: 1 - 2 drops of Proderma are mixed with the daily feed or drinking water.

Ingredients: Water 82 %, crude ash 11,7 %, crude protein 4 %, crude fibre 0,2 %, crude fat <0,1 %, lysine 2,8 %, methionine 1,8 %. Content of additives p. 1000 g: vitamin A 100,000 I.E., vitamin D 3 4,000 I.E., vitamin E 40 mg, vitamin K3 24 mg, vitamin B1 40 mg, vitamin B2 100 mg, vitamin B6 40 mg, vitamin B12 500 mcg, sorbic acid 8 mg, nicotinamide 400 mg, calcium 4 %. Preservative: EG additive. This supplementary feed may only be fed up to 10 % of the daily ration due to the increased vitamin content.

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