Zoo Med Wipe Out 1

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Against bacteria and germs in the terrarium: ZOO MED WIPE OUT 1! One of the best disinfectants for terrariums.

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  • Keine Gefährdung für Ihre Reptilien
  • Auf die unterschiedlichsten Bakterien und Keime abgestimmt
  • Effektiver Schutz vor Parasitenplagen im Terrarium
  • Praktischer Zerstäuber für ideales Dosieren

Zoo Med Wipe Out 1 - Top disinfectant for the terrarium

Zoo Med Wipe Out has been specially designed for terrariums and is therefore perfectly suited for disinfection and cleaning without endangering the health of reptiles. Special attention was paid to the fact that Zoo Med Wipe Out kills a broad spectrum of bacteria. The number of bacteria that can get into the terrarium is high due to the use of new animals, furnishings or simply the daily handling of feeding and drinking containers and tweezers. Zoo Med Wipe Out is therefore effective against as wide a spectrum of bacteria as possible in order to prevent dangers. Salmonella and Pseudomonas types, which are particularly common in terrariums, are effectively killed by the Zoo Med Wipe Out. For this purpose it is important that the cleaning is carried out regularly. Straight accessories such as tweezers, snake hooks or sand sieves should be disinfected after each use. Otherwise the spread of diseases within the population can hardly be prevented! At the same time, Zoo Med Wipe Out 1 also has a helpful effect: Unpleasant odours are eliminated by eliminating the bacteria that, among other things, are involved in rot. This not only removes bad odours, but also effectively prevents the development of new odours!

258.8 ml is available in a practical sprayer that makes dosing and applying Zoo Med Wipe Out 1 particularly easy and ensures economical dosing.

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