Lucky Reptile Miti-X

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More effective against parasites in the terrarium: LUCKY REPTILE MITI-X! The top preparation with excellent long-term effect.

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  • Tötet Parasiten im Terrarium kraftvoll ab
  • Wirkt direkt und ohne Vorlaufzeit
  • Langzeitwirkung verhindert erneutes Ausbreiten
  • Mit Pumpzerstäuber für genaues Dosieren
  • Attention! Use biocidal products carefully. Always read the label and product information before use.

Lucky Reptile Miti-X

Our Lucky Reptile Miti-X is an effective helper when it comes to combating parasites in the terrarium. Mites and ticks are often difficult to get rid of, because they are hard to spot and a complete cleaning has to cover every terrarium angle and because they are incredibly resistant. This is where Lucky Reptile Miti-X comes in: this product is known for its fast and powerful effect. So it is hardly surprising that Lucky Reptile Miti-X is not only effective for a short time, but on the contrary can prevent parasite infestation in the long term. This saves your reptiles from unpleasant bite attacks and even dangerous anaemia!

Lucky Reptile Miti-X is designed for use in the terrarium, not for direct treatment on the reptiles themselves. Since 90% of mites in their lifetime live in the reptile environment, i.e. in the terrarium on decoration, substrate and other furnishings, Lucky Reptile Miti-X starts exactly where it is needed. The long-term effect ensures that parasites, which were not killed directly during the first application, are also eliminated later when they come into contact with the medication. This is especially helpful if you have permanently attached decorative objects such as back walls in the terrarium - because parasites often hide behind or under these.

You will of course receive a comprehensive instruction manual with the product. 250 ml contents come in a practical pump sprayer that facilitates precise dosage and targeted use in the terrarium.

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