Hobby Reptix Desinfect

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  • Manufacturer: Hobby Terraristik
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  • Content: 200milliliter

Effectively moves pests onto the fur: HOBBY REPTIX DESINFECT! Disinfects your terrarium residue-free - harmless for reptiles.

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  • An jeglichem Terrarienzubehör einsetzbar
  • Reduziert Gefahr der Infektionen von Wunden oder Durchfallerkrankungen bei Terrarientieren
  • Auch für Futterpinzetten oder Trinkschalen geeignet
  • Seit Jahren bekannt, beliebt und weiterempfohlen unter Terrarianern
  • Attention! Use biocidal products carefully. Always read the label and product information before use.

Hobby Reptix Desinfect - effective cleaning agent for terrariums

Hobby Reptix Desinfect is used everywhere in the terrarium where pests can be found, except on the reptiles themselves. The composition of Reptix Desinfect is proven and has been appreciated by herpers for years. The cleaning spray works effectively against bacteria, fungi, viruses and salmonella by neutralising them. This benefits the health of your reptiles. In particular, the risk of infections from scratch, bite or abrasions is significantly reduced in a clean environment by the Terrarium Cleaner. In addition, cleaning with Hobby Reptix Desinfect also prevents diarrhoea by killing bacteria that could disrupt the digestive system.

Of course Hobby Reptix Desinfect is free of alcohol and aldehyde and completely non-toxic for your reptiles. Therefore it is not only possible to treat equipment such as food tweezers with the Terrarium Cleaner, but it is clearly recommended by us! Even furnishings such as drinking and feeding bowls should be cleaned with Reptix Desinfect after each use. In this way you also avoid infection from terrarium to terrarium, because the greatest risk of contamination comes from hands, equipment and furnishings. As mentioned, Hobby Reptix Desinfect - under the old name Reptix Health - has been an established product in terraristics for many years - not least because of its wide range of applications. So the cleaning spray can even be used effectively when changing the substrate or the quarterly complete cleaning (expressly recommended by us!). Because of this versatility, Hobby Reptix Desinfect is part of the basic equipment of every terrarium keeper. We would like to point out once again that this disinfectant is not suitable for external or internal use directly on reptiles - with its powerful effect on the terrarium and accessories, this is not even necessary!

You receive 200 ml in a practical atomizer.

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