Herbamed Clear Ex

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Provides a view through the terrarium: HERBAMED CLEAR EX! The effective, biological cleaner for terrarium glass.

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  • Biologisch abbaubarer Terrarienreiniger
  • Ohne Lösungsmittel hergestellt
  • Vollkommen unbedenklich für Reptilien
  • Einfach zu dosieren in der Zerstäuberflasche

Herbamed Clear Ex - biological cleaner for terrarium glasses

For the sake of reptiles, every terrarium keeper wants as little chemistry as possible in the terrarium from a terrarium cleaner. Herbamed Clear Ex can fulfill this wish: The cleaner, which was specially developed for the cleaning of terrarium windows, is not only purely biological, but also environmentally friendly. Of course Herbamed Clear Ex is absolutely harmless for reptiles. Of course Herbamed Clear Ex is absolutely non-toxic. In addition, Herbamed Clear Ex does completely without acids. So not only the reptiles are spared, but Herbamed Clear Ex also leaves the pH value in the terrarium and thus the terrarium climate as it is. No solvents were used in the production process. So you get a product that is safe for reptiles, environmentally friendly and even biodegradable!

Herbamed Clear Ex is available in a practical spray bottle. So you can easily put the 250 ml content on the terrarium glass and free it from dirt and lime.

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