Dragon Nano Clear for terrarium windows

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The universal weapon against limescale deposits: DRAGON NANO CLEAR! Seals terrarium glass effectively and permanently.

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  • Moderne Nanotechnologie sorgt für abperlenden Effekt
  • Versiegelung lässt weder Kalk noch Schmutz auf der Glasplatte festsetzen
  • Entfaltet seine Wirkung über Monate
  • Durch seine Effektivität sparsamer als andere Hygieneprodukte

Dragon Nano Clear - Nanotechnology against dirty terrarium windows

Dragon Nano Clear is a particularly effective way of cleaning terrariums. Dragon Nano Clear prevents soiling and calcification of glass due to its special production and effect technology! Water simply rolls off surfaces that have been treated with Dragon Nano Clear. This makes it more difficult for dirt and lime to settle again. This phenomenon is the result of state-of-the-art nanotechnology. This causes the so-called lotus blossom effect on the terrarium panes: Not only lime and water are repelled, but also dirt, excrement or substrate are difficult to settle. After treatment with Dragon Nano Clear, limescale residues, even stubborn ones, can simply be wiped off and rinsed away. This surface sealing by Dragon Nano Clear makes a considerable contribution to terrarium hygiene. Because the terrarium windows not only repel visible foreign bodies; bacteria and viruses, which unfortunately cannot be seen with the naked eye, can hardly attach themselves to the terrarium windows.

At the same time, you don't have to worry about toxins: It's hard to believe, but Dragon Nano Clear does without chemicals! Despite its powerful effect, the detergent is completely non-toxic and therefore harmless for your reptiles. Therefore Dragon Nano Clear can also be used without hesitation on almost all surfaces. It is therefore also a good idea to treat decorations (even wood!), drinking bowls or feeding bowls with Dragon Nano Clear.

With all these advantages, it's hardly surprising that Dragon Nano Clear is also economical to use. Due to its long-lasting effect, the use of the cleaning agent is much less necessary than with other terrarium cleaners. Depending on the conditions, Dragon Nano Clear can even work for months! With 250 ml ready-to-use solution you will be able to cope for a long time. Pump atomizers for easy dosage and instructions for use are of course also included.

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