Drago Clean Hand Cleaner

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Before working in the terrarium: DRAGO CLEAN HAND CLEANER! Effectively prevents the transmission of bacteria.

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  • Desinfiziert Hände für keimfreies Hantieren im Terrarium
  • Auch für regelmäßige Anwendung geeignet
  • Greift die Haut nicht an, sondern pflegt sie
  • Verströmt einen leichten, natürlichen Geruch

Drago Clean Hand Cleaner - stops bacteria transmission

When you think about terrarium hygiene, you often forget a tool that often comes into contact with the terrarium and reptiles: the hand. Drago Clean Hand Cleaner is a disinfectant that ensures that humans do not introduce bacteria into the terrarium. Drago Clean Hand Cleaner is 100% organic and in no way aggressive as is known from many disinfectants. The Hand Cleaner saves you the hassle of washing your hands when handling several terrariums without neglecting hygiene. We are often unaware that we can transfer dirt and bacteria with every skin contact with terrariums, reptiles or accessories and furnishings. In order to minimize the risk of infection of reptiles, especially in different terrariums, you should use Drago Clean Hand Cleaner when handling between different terrariums. This is done quickly: Simply rub a few sprays in your hands and you can get back to work. 250 ml contents can be ideally dosed thanks to the practical spray bottle and last incredibly long. Drago Clean Hand Cleaner kills bacteria just like a disinfectant - but without the chemical club! The skin on the hands is not attacked, on the contrary it is cared for and cleansed. And last but not least, the Drago Clean hand cleaner also deodorizes and spreads a light, naturally fresh odor.

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