The rainforest terrarium and its inhabitants (Author: Oliver Drewes)

One of the best terrarium books about rainforest terrariums: THE RAINFOREST TERRARIUM AND ITS INHABITANTS! Top information and beautiful pictures.

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Item number RK1148

The Rainforest Terrarium and its inhabitants (Terraristic Book, VIVARIA Verlag, Softcover, 96 pages)

Genre: Terraristics
Type: Terraristic reference book
Topic: All about rainforest terrariums - reptile husbandry and terrarium technology
ISBN: 978-3-9813176-2-6

If there is one type of terrarium that quickly captivates even laypersons, it is the rainforest terrarium, which Oliver Drewes puts to the test in all its facets in the VIVARIA publication "The Rainforest Terrarium and its Inhabitants". In fact, such a wetland or jungle terrarium with its magnificent vegetation and all the flowering orchids can even soothe many a wife and housewife who, otherwise, is sometimes less buoyed by the colourful reptiles that hunt for all sorts of living prey.

But the fascination of the "primeval forest behind glass" with its small, magnificently colored tree climbing frogs or the colorful day geckos, which gymnastics through the branches, can hardly escape the observer. In view of this blooming opulence and splendour, many people forget that such a jungle terrarium is stuffed with plenty of technology. In addition, many of the lizards and frog worms that live here have very specific requirements, so that each rainforest terrarium is precisely matched to its inhabitants: Some are built rather in the height, while those, which accommodate water dragons (should), must permit so much space also in the width and length extension, that the agile lizards do not hurt themselves with their daring jumps at the container disks!

This is just one of the reasons why "The Rainforest Terrarium and its Inhabitants" is highly recommended as standard reading, especially for the beginners of terraristics who are just starting out in our beautiful hobby. In contrast to the past, when many terrariums were built by the company itself, the variety of products in the local mail-order and pet shop is now almost unmanageable. Those who are new to terrarium science can lose track of things and should first find out in specialist books such as "Das Regenwaldterrarium und seine Bewohner" (The Rainforest Terrarium and its Inhabitants) before putting the money for possibly unsuitable radiators and heating cables on the table. On 96 pages, this describes everything worth knowing about the wetland or primeval forest terrarium. And with 115 illustrations, it conveys the desire for more that such a rainforest terrarium also represents a magnificent room decoration.

Our conclusion: "The Rainforest Terrarium and its Inhabitants" by Oliver Drewes conveys everything worth knowing and the necessary expertise, so that the jungle terrarium, one of the most magnificent basins we have in our living rooms and terrarium cellars, does not become a failure. This is about terrarium equipment, terrarium decoration and terrarium technology. In addition, the most popular lizards and amphibians, which we maintain today in a rainforest terrarium, are portrayed. However, "The Rainforest Terrarium and its Inhabitants" is not a dry non-fiction book on terrariums. Rather, the magnificent photos and numerous tips from practice for practice whet the appetite for one's own terrarium and for letting the newly acquired knowledge benefit one's own patients.

About the author of "Das Regenwaldterrarium und seine Bewohner":

Oliver Drewes provides with his Tipps from practice for practice and with his writing for the fact that ?the rain forest terrarium and its inhabitants? is taken by beginners as well as advanced ones again and again gladly from the bookshelf. No wonder`s!? Schließlich hat sich der Autor bereits von Kindesbeinen an der Zierfisch- und Reptilienhaltung verschrieben und weiß daher genau, von was er redet. Und auch, wo jenen, die mit unpassenden Terrarien und/oder der falschen Technik an den Start gehen, der sprichwörtliche Schuh drückt. Schließlich arbeitet Drewes seit 1999 in einem Traditionsunternehmen der Zoobranche mit dem Schwerpunkt auf Aquaristik- und Terraristikprodukten. Auch als Schriftsteller hat sich der Autor von „Das Regenwaldterrarium und seine Bewohner“ bereits einen Namen gemacht, denn Drewes textete bereits für verschiedene renommierte Verlage, die Bücher über die Haltung von Terrarientieren in Deutschland und den USA auf den Markt bringen.

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