The Chinese Mountain Agame (Author: Esther Laue)

The fascinating standard work: THE CHINESE MOUNTAIN GAME! Everything you need to know about keeping and breeding this wonderful agama species.

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Item number RK1153

The Chinese Mountain Agame (Terraristic Book, VIVARIA Verlag, Softcover, 96 pages)

Genre: Terraristics
Type: Terraristic reference book
Topic: The Top Terraristic Book about the attitude of the Chinese Bergagame
ISBN: 978-3-9810412-2-4

Chinese mountain agamas - if we google the term and study the various questions on the relevant terrarium portals, we will quickly find that the literature and knowledge about this particular species was scarce for a long time. A gap that VIVARIA Verlag and author Esther Laue were finally able to close with the monograph "The Chinese Mountain Agame". For on 96 pages and equipped with 38 colour photos, the terrarium book portrays the popular species, also known as the dragon dragon dragon.

It lives, as its name suggests, in the mountainous regions of central China, is strikingly colored and with a total length of about thirty centimeters it can be counted among the medium-sized reptiles in our terrariums. Fortunately, the animals' hunger for animal food (such as crickets, grasshoppers and cockroaches of a suitable size) can be satisfied today without any problems and at any time of the year thanks to the specialist and mail-order trade with its feed animal farms. Otherwise, however, the attitude of the Chinese Bergagame wants to be considered so much (including a temperature reduction at night). Questions, which are naturally addressed in "The Chinese Bergagame". Esther Laue does not only deal with species protection and acquisition (and that from the transport of the animals to quarantine and acclimatisation), but also introduces the author's terrarium, an interesting insight into other people's homes and tanks. Further space then takes design and planting of the terrarium, in addition, nutrition and water-demand of the lizards. In addition, the required technology is described in detail and on several pages - starting with the climate factor "temperature" and "humidity" through to the appropriate lighting.

Our conclusion: The first German-language monograph on the popular species is more than worth reading. The author conveys her experiences in keeping and breeding Chinese mountain agams in a practical way, whereby also medical references to stress and injuries as well as useful addresses in the credits are not missing. It quickly becomes clear to the reader that the author of "The Chinese Bergagame" knows what she is talking about. After all, Esther Laue was awarded the Alfred-A-Schmidt Prize of the DGHT in 2004 for her outstanding breeding success with this interesting reptile species.

About the author of The Chinese Mountain Agame:

It's nice to see a woman speaking in "The Chinese Mountain Agame". After all, there are countless women and girls who today are enthusiastic about lizards & co. and who have accumulated a lot of knowledge about terrariums and their inhabitants. So also Esther Laue, who was born in 1951 in Olbernhau in the Erzgebirge mountains and has been working with terrariums for over two decades now. Whereby the author has maintained quite different reptiles. In recent years, however, her special interest has been the keeping and reproduction of the Chinese mountain agamas. The experience gained here can now be shared with Esther Laue by the readers of "The Chinese Mountain Agame". And maybe even raise their own offspring of the interesting reptiles! Because also the breeding takes, and that from the Balz to the Eiablage and incubation, in the terraristischen technical book an important space. No wonder, after all, Esther Laue was awarded the Alfred A. Schmidt Prize in 2004 by the German Society for Herpetology and Terraristics (DGHT) for outstanding breeding success in her Chinese mountain agamas. In addition to her medical profession, Esther Laue is also interested in art and is also active in the social field.

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