Compact Knowledge Taggeckos (Author: Oliver Drewes)

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The famous, exciting standard work: COMPACT KNOWLEDGE TAGGECKOS! Everything you need to know about the successful keeping of taggeckos.

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  • Elementares Grundlagenwissen - nicht nur für Terraristik-Einsteiger
  • Wunderschönes Terraristikbuch mit 80 hochwertigen Farbbildern
  • Umfasst die Themen Terrarieneinrichtung, Terrarientechnik und Haltung

Kompaktwissen Taggeckos (Book of terraristics, VIVARIA Verlag, softcover, 96 pages)

Genre: Terraristics
Type: Terraristic reference book
Topic: Basic knowledge for keeping day geckos in terrariums
ISBN: 978-3-9810412-1-7

Taggeckos are real treasures in every terrarium. So it has been said in an older, rather general terrarium book. With the now available standard work "Kompaktwissen Taggeckos" the day-active Phelsumen have found their own textbook and mouthpiece. The well-known terrarium expert Oliver Drewes portrays the most popular species of the genus Phelsuma with more than 80 colour photos and 96 pages. It captivates with its splendour of colours. In addition, there is the cute behaviour of the agile, usually medium-sized lizards, for which a terrarium with standard dimensions, which can also be richly planted, is usually quite sufficient. Interesting is above all the hunt-behavior of the daygeckos, who can carry off flies and other feed-insects extremely skillfully. But also overripe fruit and banana porridge have day geckos to the "eating gladly". Often we observe the small reptiles therefore in the terrarium, how they snack sweets or, not less skillfully, lick up water drops after the fogging of the basin - a behavior, which is already illustrated on the cover of "Kompaktwissen Taggeckos".

Our conclusion: If you are interested in species other than Phelsuma madagascariensis grandis, you won't be able to put the VIVARIA publication out of your hands again. Kompaktwissen Taggeckos" inspires beginners as well as those terrarians who have already dealt extensively with geckos and the genus Phelsuma. In addition to basic information on the genus and its area of origin, the author is primarily concerned with the keeping of animals - from the terrarium, its furnishings and technology to the breeding of day geckos and their diet. Helpful addresses, which are mentioned in the credits, but also references to trade journals and Internet portals, make "Kompaktwissen Taggeckos" a real treasure trove, which contributes significantly to the species-appropriate keeping and a better life of the cute reptiles in our terrariums. About the author of Compact Knowledge Taggeckos:

Whether Malawi cichlids or various lizards, there is hardly anyone who is as familiar with vivariums and their inhabitants as Oliver Drewes. A man who has not committed himself and stands on you and you with reptiles of the arid regions and deserts as well as with inhabitants of the rainforest terrarium. The author of "Kompaktwissen Taggeckos" has succumbed early to the fascination of the "primeval forest behind glass". Drewes, born 1970 in Haan, was already enthusiastic about keeping ornamental fish and reptiles during his childhood. In 1999 he was able to turn his hobby into his profession (and can serve as a role model for many readers!) and since then he has been working for a traditional company in the zoo industry, where he deals with aquaristic and terraristic products. A man from practice for practice, who has never been ambitious with his profound specialist knowledge. Drewes has already appeared as an author for various renowned publishing houses that market books on the keeping of terrarium animals in Germany and the USA. With "Kompaktwissen Taggeckos" he now lets us share his experiences with the genus Phelsuma.

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