Basic husbandry of the corn snake (Author: Michael Glaß/Daniel Bohle)

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One of the best terrarium books in the field of corn snakes: THE BASIC ATTITUDE OF THE CORN SNAKE! Top publication from Vivaria Verlag.

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  • Echtes Expertenwissen über Kornnattern, leicht verständlich
  • Über 60 hochwertige Farbfotos und Illustrationen
  • Alles über die Haltung von Kornnattern: Ernährung, Terrarientechnik, etc.

Basic husbandry of the corn snake (Terraristic book, VIVARIA Verlag, Softcover, 64 pages)

Genre: Terraristics
Type: Terraristic reference book
Topic: keeping corn snakes in terrariums
ISBN: 978-3-9813176-5-7

The corn snake is certainly one of the most common snakes in local terrariums. Not least because the corn snake has the dubious reputation of being a "beginner snake". Unfortunately, this causes many avoidable problems when keeping corn snakes, because quite a few terrarium beginners consider the corn snake to be a terrarium animal without any requirements. In order to prevent such posture errors with your corn snakes from the beginning, "Posture Basics of the Corn Snake" is almost a standard work and should be recommended to every terrarium fan who plans the posture of corn snakes. "The "Corn Snake Posture Basics" gives beginners the right feeling for the corn snake in an easily understandable language and with the help of many high-quality colour photos and illustrations and can score points with all kinds of useful practical knowledge about snake posture. Among the most important topics of "Basic principles for the keeping of corn snakes" are "Purchase of a corn snake", "Behaviour of corn snakes in the terrarium", "Installation and technology of the terrarium for corn snakes" and "Nutrition of corn snakes". They also learn a lot about the taxonomy of corn snakes (development and subspecies), find good information about their morphology (body characteristics and organism of the corn snake) and learn a lot about the natural habitat of their snakes. The terraristics book "Basic principles of keeping corn snakes" is easy to understand even for beginners and even experienced owners of corn snakes will find interesting information in this book to refine their knowledge about the keeping of these fascinating snakes.

Conclusion to this terraristics book: If you are looking for helpful and also exciting technical literature for a successful introduction to the keeping of corn snakes, you should definitely recommend "Basic keeping principles of the corn snake". "The "Corn Snake Basics" gives you a lot of fun with your new favourite hobby, shines with profound knowledge about the corn snake and also offers advanced corn snake holders a lot of new knowledge about their favourite snakes. The 55 high-quality colour pictures and 7 additional illustrations ensure that this terrarium book never looks dry.

About the authors of "Haltungsgrundlagen der Kornnatter":

Dr.-Ing. Michael Glaß holds a doctorate in computer science from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. For many years Glaß has been engaged in the breeding of different colour variants of the corn snake and has a wealth of knowledge and experience about corn snakes. In addition to the corn snakes, he is currently particularly interested in the New Caledonian giant gecko (Rhacodactylus leachianus).

Daniel Bohle, born in 1975, is a graduate mechanical engineer and proven expert for snakes. Bohle already started keeping corn snakes in 1986 and successfully bred his own corn snake colour variations from the end of the 90s onwards. At the moment he is mainly interested in the protection of our domestic adders.

Glaß and Bohle are experienced authors and have already worked for various specialist publishers. You were also active here as a photographer and lecturer. The two authors share a common interest in nature photography and field herpetology. In this context Daniel Bohle and Michael Glaß undertook many joint excursions to other European countries.

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