Artemia - The Prehistoric Cancer (Author: Oliver Drewes)

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The fascinating book about Artemia: ARTEMIA - THE PRIMEVAL CANCER! Discover the different species of prehistoric crayfish and learn everything about breeding.

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  • Alles, was man über Artemia wissen muss
  • Viele Mikroskopaufnahmen und Zeichnungen
  • Alle wichtigen Artemia-Arten, alles über die optimale Zucht

Artemia - The Prehistoric Cancer (Terraristic Book, VIVARIA Verlag, Softcover, 64 pages)

Genre: Terraristics/Aquaristics
Type: Terraristic reference book
Topic: Everything worth knowing about the known primeval cancers
ISBN: 978-3-9810412-7-9

In "Artemia - Der Urzeitkrebs", specialist book author Oliver Drewes once again demonstrates his versatility and shows us that the small saline shrimps are far more than a useful rearing and fish food, but can also be considered as independent "fosterlings". In fact, today there are even breeding approaches and experimental packages for children in which primeval crayfish are hatched from permanent eggs. The fact that Artemia can also be enjoyed by experienced aquarists is proven by the Vivarium book "Artemia - Der Urzeitkrebs" (Artemia - The Prehistoric Cancer), in which the seven recognised Artemia species are portrayed and, according to the current state of knowledge, documented.

The VIVARIA publication captivates with numerous magnifying glasses and microscope images that show the small saltwater crayfish once from an unusual perspective and very large. Various drawings also contribute to a better understanding of Artemia, prehistoric cancer, and its biology. And make desire on own breeding. Therefore, the description of the special reproductive biology of artemia is immediately followed by a practical part in which the most successful breeding systems are presented. A separate chapter "Artemia in aquaristics" provides practical tips on how to increase the hatching rate and the survival rate of nauplii and artemia.

Our conclusion: "Artemia - The prehistoric crayfish" penetrates into an exciting microcosm and inspires for the small saline crayfish, which we have looked at up to now perhaps only with the eyes of the aquarist and as valuable fish and breeding food.

About the author of "Artemia - The Prehistoric Cancer":

Oliver Drewes once again proves his versatility with the vivaristic reference book "Artemia - Der Urzeitkrebs" and shows us that he is not only on the way in terrariums. In fact, the well-known and popular terrarium expert, in addition to his great passion for reptiles, also deals with aquariums and their inhabitants. And this from childhood, when the first basins were set up in the parental home. Since 1999 Drewes has also been working for a traditional company in the zoo industry, where he is already involved with aquaristic and terraristic products. A passion that won't let him go, even within his own four walls. Oliver Drewes has also set up various terrariums here and cares for Malawi cichlids. In "Artemia - Der Urzeitkrebs" the author, who already wrote books about the keeping of terrarium animals for various renowned publishers and founded the VIVARIA publishing house in 2005, wants to win us over for the saline crabs and microscopy as a great enrichment of our already exciting hobby.

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