Terrano desert sand 25 kg savings package

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Save money with our TERRANO DESERT SAND 25 KG SAVINGS PACKAGE! High-quality desert sand at an absolute hammer price.

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  • Ohne künstliche Farbstoffe oder Chemikalien
  • Drei verschiedene Farbvariationen
  • Lehmanteil im roten Sand fördert Modellierbarkeit
  • Animiert Reptilien zu natürlichem Graben

Terrano desert sand - natural, untreated desert sand

Our Terrano desert sand is real desert sand. Unlike cheap terrarium sand, Terrano desert sand is of high quality. Neither dyes nor chemicals, which could become dangerous for reptiles, were used in the substrate. The three different colours in which Terrano desert sand can be obtained are the result of purely natural factors. Particularly noteworthy is the red Terrano terrarium sand, which is not only visually very appealing, but also has a perfectly coordinated clay portion. Once moistened, this proportion of clay can be wonderfully deformed. Not only the owner, but above all the reptiles can dig caves and tunnels in the ground, which do not collapse again due to the special deformability of the red Terrano desert sand, but remain stable as soon as the Terrano desert sand has dried. The grave activity of geckos, monitors, agamas and other reptiles is not only beautiful to look at, but also satisfies natural needs that reptiles also meet in the wild. The Terrano desert sand is therefore an important substrate for the species-appropriate keeping of reptiles. And because it is difficult to get enough of such a good product, Terrano desert sand is available in a practical and inexpensive savings package: with an impressive 25 kilos you will certainly make ends meet for some time!

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