Steppengrillen - food insects/large pack (Gryllus assimilis)

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Open your eyes when you buy feed insects: STEPPENGRILLEN IN THE BIG PACK! Daily fresh food insects always vital, fresh and reptile healthy.

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  • Super Ersparnis durch einfache Vorratshaltung
  • Futterinsekten frisch verpackt und bestens genährt
  • Steppengrillen-Sparpackung in 7 (!) verschiedenen Größen!
  • Hochwertige Futterinsekten aus streng kontrollierter Zucht

Steppe crickets - save food insects through bulk packing

Who holds many reptiles knows the problem! Especially with reptiles, which have to be constantly supplied with fresh food insects, holes in the purse are often a permanent condition. It doesn't have to be! You can also get steppe crickets from us in the economical bulk pack. This way you can save money when buying feed animals. With us you receive your steppe crickets simply loosely in the cardboard box and provide then even for the accommodation of the feed insects. A small terrarium or a suitable Faunabox are sufficient here. Steppe crickets are robust food insects and do not make great demands on their housing. Steppe crickets are therefore very easy to keep in stock as food animals. If you also use healthy insect food, your reptiles will always receive perfectly nourished, vital food animals.

The steppe crickets (Gryllus assimilis) are real all-rounders among the food insects and they play an important role for the healthy nutrition of reptiles. But not only insectivorous reptiles appreciate these rich food insects. In addition to chameleons, bearded dragons or iguanas, many manitards, tarantulas, exotic rodents and various small mammals are also enthusiastic steppe grill fans! Steppe crickets are not only healthy food insects all around, they are also particularly unproblematic. In a direct comparison with crickets, for example, steppe crickets are heavenly quiet food animals, because: Steppe crickets "chirp" much less loudly than crickets, since the wings of steppe crickets only form in the adult stage. Our recommendation for medium-sized insectivores: Choose our steppe crickets in the size "medium". Here you have the advantage that the food insects have a comparable body size as the adult steppe crickets, by the missing wings however at home heavenly peace prevails. Another advantage of steppe crickets over crickets: Steppe crickets are less bouncy, which makes it easier for young reptiles to overwhelm the food animals! If you have been feeding reptiles with crickets up to now, we recommend the steppe crickets as an uncomplicated and nutritious alternative. Offer your reptiles just a little variety on the menu. Steppengrillen as food animals: With us always fresh, vital and healthy, as you are used to from our food insects.

Our popular large packs of food insects are of course also available from the steppe crickets. Simply choose the optimal size of the feed animals for you and the required quantity! You can choose between 7 (!) different packages for the steppe crickets.

Steppe crickets large, approx. 250 feed insects, body length 20-35 mm
Steppe crickets large, approx. 500 feed insects, body length 20-35 mm
Steppe crickets large, approx. 1,000 food insects, body length 20-35 mm
Steppe crickets medium, approx. 500 feed insects, body length 15-20 mm
Steppe crickets medium, approx. 1,000 feed insects, body length 15-20 mm
Steppe crickets small, approx. 500 feed insects, body length 5-7 mm
Steppe crickets small, approx. 1.000 feed insects, body length 5-7 mm

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