Sphagnum moss brick

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A miracle of fertility: SPHAGNUM-MOOS-BRICK! Quality from the heart of nature for your terrarium.

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  • Moos in getrockneter und gepresster Form
  • Quillt bei Berührung mit Wasser zu 5 Litern Terrarienmoos auf
  • Geeignet für Höhleneinrichtung, Eiablageplatz oder Feuchtbox
  • Kann als Steckplatz für exotische Pflanzen dienen

Sphagnum moss bricks - natural moss for terrariums

Our Sphagnum moss bricks are a 100% natural product from controlled cultivation and therefore absolutely recommended for your reptiles. Sphagnum-Moos has a variety of applications in terraristics and it is hard to imagine a terrarium without it. The Sphagnum moss bricks are pressed and develop their full potential (and not least their entire volume) only when the moss is moistened. The moist Sphagnum moss can then be used, for example, to set up moist boxes for reptiles or moist hiding places in the terrarium. In addition, egg deposition is influenced, as pregnant reptiles prefer the moist Sphagnum moss for deposition. The incubation of the eggs is also remarkably successful due to the moisture of the Sphagnum moss.

Last but not least, the Sphagnum moss can also be used as a substrate to attract plants such as orchids. The Sphagnum moss can also be used as a plug-in mass for many exotic plants. With so many visible advantages, you quickly forget the "invisible" ones: The Sphagnum moss not only stores moisture, but also ensures better humidity and thus an appropriate climate in rainforest terrariums. A 100 g sphagnum moss brick is pressed and strongly compacted and produces an incredible 5 litres of swollen moss! Simply soak in water and you're ready to use!

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