SolarRaptor DRV Con 1 Ramp Timer

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High-quality control unit for SolarStinger and SolarRaptor SunStrips: DRV CON 1 RAMP TIMER! With update option via USB interface.

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  • Geniale Steuerung für SolarRaptor/SolarStinger SunStrip sowie HeatStrip
  • Farben und Szenarien wie Sonnenaufgang, Mondschein, Tagesverlauf programmier- und speicherbar
  • Bis zu 5 Kanäle individuell steuerbar
  • Geeignet für Wand- und Flächenmontage
  • 3 Ausgänge, es können bis zu 3 Leuchtmittel mit bis zu 180 Watt angeschlossen werden
  • Softwareupdates über Mini-USB Schnittstelle

SolarRaptor DRV Con 1 Ramp Timer - the ingenious controller for SolarRaptor and SolarStinger SunStrip as well as HeatStrip

With the SolarRaptor DRV Con 1 Ramp Timer you get the ideal controller to set the stage for your SolarStinger or SolarRaptor SunStrip. The DRV Con 1 Ramp Timer allows you to individually control the colors for 1 - 5 channels. 3 separate outputs ensure that you can connect several lights (up to 180 watts total power) to the controller. By the way, you can let your creativity run free when using the DRV Con 1 Ramp Timer: The controller is programmable so that you can simulate sunrises and sunsets in the terrarium according to your taste. The simulation of moonlight scenarios is also possible here. Of course, you can save all color settings and scenarios and recall them at any time.

You can also control the SolarRaptor HeatStrip windscreen heater via the SolarRaptor DRV Con 1 (dimming, on/off switching). With the DRV Con 1 Ramp Timer, software updates can always be kept up to date. So you have access to improved functions and your controller remains future-proof. The DRV Con 1 Ramp Timer is equipped with a mini-USB interface, which allows you to connect the device easily to a PC. When mounting the DRV Con 1 Ramp Timer, you can choose between wall or surface mounting. Both are possible without any problems.

The DRV Con 1 Ramp Timer is compatible with all Econlux SolarRaptor devices that are operated with a ballast (DRV). These include SolarStinger SunStrips 35/70 Fresh, SolarStinger SunStrips 70/140 Marine and SolarRaptor SunStrips 35 Reptile. With these light bars an individual control of the colour adjustment is possible. You can dim the HeatStrip and program the on and off times.

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