Short wing grill in carton/feed insects savings package (Gryllodes sigillatus)

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Here you can save a lot of money: SHORT WING BARBECUE IN A BIG PACKAGE! Daily fresh top food insects, rich in vitamins and minerals.

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  • Kurzflügelgrillen auf Vorrat halten und richtig sparen
  • Futterinsekten mit vielen gesunden Vitaminen und Mineralien
  • Futterinsekten bei uns immer tagesfrisch und vital!
  • Hochwertige Grillen aus kontrollierter Zucht

Short winged grills / savings packages - healthy food insects at top low prices

Anyone who has a high demand for feed insects for reptiles knows that this can quickly turn into money. But it doesn't have to be! Our feed insect savings packages are a cost-effective alternative and minimize your feed costs. The principle is ingeniously simple: You get your short winged grills loose in the box and then put the food animals yourself. With this stock of short wing grills you can outsmart high feed costs for reptiles! We recommend that you simply place the short winged grills in a suitable Faunabox - a heat lamp should ensure a pleasant temperature. In this way, your short winged barbecues stay healthy and vital and can be kept for a longer period of time. Always fresh, healthy food for your reptiles and really saved. That's as good as it gets!

the short winged grills (Gryllodes sigillatus) coming from the tropical area are quite particularly popular feed-animals in the terraristics. Their size, colour and nutritional value make them very similar to crickets when it comes to using short-winged crickets as live food. High temperatures, however, tolerate short-winged crickets better than crickets from our latitudes. But the cricket is much less sensitive to cold. You should also consider this if you want to order your food insects in winter. Due to low temperatures, the short winged grills may be subject to limited shipping. Here you should really switch to other food insects. Nevertheless: Offer your reptiles these healthy food animals, even if you otherwise like to feed with crickets. Terrarium animals also appreciate variety on the menu. Like all our food insects, our short-winged barbecues are fed in a species-appropriate way and are real vital bombs for reptiles. Short wing grills are rich in vitamins and minerals, which directly benefit the healthy development of your animals.

By the way, many reptile lovers appreciate short winged grills for completely different reasons: Short-winged crickets are by far the "quieter food insects" - in direct comparison to crickets. Because: Short winged grills always "chirp" only muffled, which meets the human need for a good night's sleep very well. In addition, cannibalism is not common among short-winged grills, which reduces the loss of food insects. It goes without saying that our short winged barbecues are daily fresh and vital - animals from the reptile cosmos are not so popular without reason.

So that you can adapt your short wing grills exactly to the needs of your reptiles, we supply you with the large feed insect packs in different sizes.

Short winged crickets large, approx. 500 feed insects, body length 17-22 mm
Short winged grill large, approx. 1,000 food insects, body length 17-22 mm
Short winged grill medium, approx. 500 food insects, body length 6-10 mm
Short wing grilling medium, approx. 1,000 food insects, body length 6-10 mm
Short winged grill small, approx. 1000 food insects, body length 2-5mm

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