Short wing barbecue in a can (Gryllodes sigillatus)

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The proven delicacy for reptiles: SHORT WING GRILL IN A CAN! For a balanced and healthy diet - at a low price.

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  • Kurzflügelgrillen, reich an Vitaminen und Mineralien
  • Top-Lebendinsekten bei uns immer billiger!
  • Artgerecht ernährte Spitzeninsekten. Frisch für Ihre Reptilien!
  • Vitale Kurzflügelgrillen aus ökologischer Zucht

Short wing grills in a can - a popular delicacy as reptile food

Short-winged grills (Gryllodes sigillatus) belong to the favorites among the feed-insects and are gladly taken by many reptiles. Originally the short wing crickets originate from the tropics, optically these food insects are to be distinguished from crickets often only with difficulty, since short wing crickets are colored similarly like crickets and have a comparable size. In terms of nutritional value, short-winged crickets and house crickets do not eat much, but they are a welcome change for many species of reptiles. As tropical inhabitants, short-winged grills are much less sensitive to high temperatures - the food-insects don't like cold naturally, why it can come to dispatch-restrictions with short-winged grills especially in the winter. In such cases, you simply revert to crickets - crickets cope much better with low temperatures. This disadvantage is compensated by the fact that these food insects have a much lower need for liquid and therefore less demands on their diet. In addition, many terrarians also prefer the short-winged crickets to the crickets because they are among the "quiet food-animals". Means: Short-winged grills "chirp" in contrast to crickets much less loudly - which can be just at night quite a relief. Also to be considered with these feed insects: Short-winged barbecues (even in mass farming) show no tendency to cannibalism, which minimises the loss of feed animals. You see: There are many reasons for short wing grills as food animals for reptiles. Our tip: If you have been feeding crickets up to now, try our short wing grills to add a healthy change to your reptiles' diet. You will be surprised how gladly your reptiles accept this live food.

Our short-winged barbecues are fed in a species-appropriate way and are absolutely vital. Your terrarium protégés profit directly from this! Many valuable nutrients, vitamins and minerals ensure the perfect development of reptiles.

Depending on the size of the reptiles to be fed, you can choose between different sizes of short wing grills. So you will always find the right food insects for your special needs.

Short winged crickets large, approx. 40 food insects, body length 20-25 mm
Short winged grill medium, approx. 70 food insects, body length 6-10 mm
Short winged grill small, approx. 120 feed insects, body length 2-5 mm
Short wing grill micro, approx. 200 food insects, body length 1-3 mm

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