Mesh Terrariums & Flexariums

Net Terrariums & Flexariums

Net terrariums and flexariums are the ideal solution for reptiles with a particularly high need for fresh air - e.g. for the species-appropriate keeping of chameleons and various species of legguans. Our net terrariums and flexariums are made of high-quality, absolutely tear-resistant fabric that even sharp reptile claws cannot damage.

Our flexariums and net terrariums are incredibly easy to install and convince with many helpful details. For example, with our hard-wearing flextrays, which ensure that the substrate and moisture stay where they belong. So nothing stands in the way of sunbathing in the open air and you can treat your reptiles to real, healthy sunlight in the net terrarium or Flexarium. Net terrariums and flexariums can be used outdoors as well as indoors. A special variant of the net terrariums is the Screen Terrarium - a particularly stable net terrarium designed for the permanent housing of reptiles. These net terrariums are real alternatives to conventional terrariums.

And our ultra-mobile net terrariums, the so-called Explorariums, are also enjoying increasing popularity. These compact flexariums take up very little space and can be prepared for outdoor use in a matter of seconds. Ideal for expeditions or small outings, so reptiles can enjoy real sunlight.