Glass Terrariums

Glass terrariums - the most popular terrariums for keeping reptiles

Without terrarium no reptile keeping! Terrariums are much more than just a dwelling for reptiles, amphibians and other terrarium animals. A terrarium is a habitat, which we have to simulate very precisely so that reptiles can develop in a healthy and species-appropriate way.

Only the right terrarium offers your reptiles and other terrarium animals everything they need. Our high-quality glass terrariums are characterised by the highest processing quality and a wealth of important details. The glass terrariums have stable, well lockable terrarium doors and excellent ventilation, which provides your reptiles with fresh air. In addition to regular glass terrariums in various sizes, we also offer so-called nano terrariums, i.e. special small terrariums for insects, spiders and small amphibians. We offer aquatic terrariums (also known as paludariums) especially for keeping water turtles, which are exactly adapted to the keeping of aquatic reptiles. With our glass terrariums even beginners can start keeping reptiles with certainty.

Our glass terrariums are real brand products with proven quality. Many of these glass terrariums were developed under the guidance of leading herpetologists, so that your reptiles will find a perfect home here. In addition, you will always receive our glass terrariums at absolute economy prices, so that you have even more fun with the fascinating hobby of keeping reptiles.