Faunaria & Faunaboxes

Faunariums & Faunaboxes - practical mini-terrariums

Faunaria and fauna boxes are practically irreplaceable in terrariums. These mini terrariums are made of indestructible plastic and can be used in many different ways. In a Faunarium or a Faunabox you can e.g. easily store food insects or temporarily house reptiles and amphibians if you have to work on the terrarium or the terrarium is cleaned.

Also the way to the veterinarian is no problem with a Faunabox. You can store your reptiles safely and stress-free for such transports. Many faunariums and faunaboxes offer additional functions such as special feed hatches or devices for the insertion of terrarium lamps. This is important if you want to use your Faunabox or Faunarium for breeding newly hatched reptiles. A Faunarium (a Faunabox) is certainly available in the shape or size you require. Our Faunaboxes are also very easy to clean and escape-proof.

In addition, we offer you special faunaria or faunaboxes for the particularly clean keeping and feeding of live food insects. Our faunariums will inspire you with the best workmanship and many practical details - and of course with our particularly favourable prices.