Complete Sets & Cabinets

Complete sets & cabinets for terrariums

Terrarium sets are a great thing, especially for newcomers to reptile keeping, because in addition to a high-quality glass terrarium, our complete terrarium sets contain everything you need for keeping reptiles. No matter if desert terrarium or rain forest terrarium - these great terrarium sets come with ingenious equipment and lots of terrarium accessories.

In addition, some of our popular complete terrarium sets are equipped with exclusive terrarium rear walls. You also save a lot of money with the terrarium sets, based on the prices of the individual components. The purchase of a complete terrarium set is therefore worthwhile several times over. Also popular are complete sets with nano terrariums, i.e. special small terrariums that are suitable for keeping insects or spiders. We also offer such small terrariums in practical and inexpensive terrarium sets. Practical, beautiful and easy to set up: A terrarium cabinet is often the ideal supplement for keeping reptiles. Accessories, food and tools can be easily stored in a terrarium cabinet and many practical functions make daily work with the terrarium much easier.

Our complete terrarium sets come only from first-class terrarium manufacturers, so that we can offer you a high product quality. Of course, this also applies to the included terrarium accessories. Terrarium sets and cabinets are of course available from stock in our terrarium shop.