Aquariums & Aqua-Terrariums

Aquariums & Aquaterrariums

Aquariums are always in demand, and a beautifully furnished aquarium with the right stock of ornamental fish is an absolute eye-catcher in any living area. An aquarium enables the owner to gain insights into a world that would otherwise remain closed to him. The aquarium is ultimately a self-contained underwater world that shows what enchanting creations nature is capable of. Aquariums have always fascinated young and old, and aquaristics is one of the most fascinating hobbies of all. Whether seawater aquaristic, which is not only characterized by its diversity of species, but also by a deeper understanding of sensitive and often highly endangered ecosystems such as coral reefs, or the classic freshwater aquarium, which is the cheaper and simpler option for newcomers to aquaristics - aquariums are a wonderful way to conserve and recreate nature and to awaken in other people a feeling for the diversity and uniqueness of the underwater world. Aquaristics is definitely a fascinating and instructive pastime.

With us you will find a selection of high-quality aquariums and aquarium sets in the best quality and fully equipped. Simply have your aquarium delivered directly to your home - aquaristics without towing and with fast delivery. By the way: The shipping of our aquariums and aquarium sets is absolutely free of charge for you.

Water turtles are particularly popular with many terrarium fans and anyone who wants to keep water turtles species-appropriate needs a good turtle tank, also known as Aqua-Terrarium or Paludarium. Terrariums for water turtles are specially designed and due to the raised terrarium bottom, these terrariums are particularly easy to heat.

The right terrarium accessories are of course essential, especially when keeping water turtles in a species-appropriate environment. In addition to suitable water filters for turtle basins that ensure clean water, the right lighting for turtles also plays an important role. Also important for the turtle terrarium: terrarium rocks and swimming islands on which your turtles can enjoy peace and quiet and healthy sunbathing. Purely biological water purifiers are also an absolute must for aquatic terrariums or paludariums. With these terrarium accessories you create a perfect habitat for your turtles and many other aquatic reptiles.

Our turtle terrariums and all accessories for keeping water turtles come exclusively from experienced terrarium manufacturers and are characterised by the highest quality. So the keeping of healthy turtles is simply more fun.