Terrarium Construction

Terrarium construction

Keeping reptiles is hardly imaginable without terrarium construction and for many reptile fans the planning and construction of their own terrarium is almost the most important thing. Terrarium building can be a real art and many self-built terrariums fascinate by imagination and detail.

The basis for successful terrarium construction is primarily the material used. Especially with terrarium adhesives and terrarium silicones the differences are immense and if you want to build a stable terrarium that is suitable for reptiles, you should make sure that terrarium adhesives and terrarium silicones do not contain any toxins and are still extremely strong. Glass guide profiles for terrariums are also very important and decide whether the terrarium glass slides properly in the finished terrarium. Not to forget when building a terrarium: The right ventilation for the self-built terrarium. Special perforated plates or ventilation grids for the terrarium are the right components here. At the Reptilienkosmos you get everything you need for successful terrarium construction, in the best quality and if you have questions about your own terrarium, we are happy to help you with practical advice.

Terrarium building can quickly become a fascinating hobby and your own terrarium gives you the opportunity to live out your creativity and accommodate your reptiles in an individually designed habitat. With a self-built terrarium you can also meet the requirements of keeping special terrarium animals in detail.