Sand & Soil

Sand & soil for your terrarium

Especially when keeping reptiles from desert areas, the right sand in the terrarium plays an incredibly important role. Only natural and genuine desert sand creates perfect keeping conditions like in nature. In no terrarium has cheap "play sand" from the construction market lost something, since this can lead to injuries of your terrarium animals.

Our terrarium sand is the "real material". And of course this also applies to our terrarium soil. All types of substrate are basically free of chemical additives and are perfect for keeping reptiles. This also includes our popular tropical terrarium substrates, which are made exclusively from the best natural coconut fibres. Economical, clean and good are also our great humus bricks, which you can swell yourself and which provide plenty of fresh ground for your terrarium.

And our clay substrates are particularly suitable for terrarium fans who like to design their own terrariums, because with this substrate you can model complete landscapes in your own terrarium. Whichever substrate your reptiles prefer, we obtain our high-quality substrates for terrariums from the best producer of all - Mother Nature herself.