Moss & Others

Terrarium Mosses & Others

Without moss (in the terrarium) nothing going on! This is true for wet terrariums, because moss is a good means to increase the humidity in the terrarium, because natural moss stores a lot of humidity.

Our terrarium moss is an ideal substrate with many possible uses. With terrarium moss, for example, you can create so-called "wet boxes" to support the moulting of reptiles. Terrarium moss also has an antibacterial effect and contributes to a healthy terrarium climate. In addition to the natural moss for terrariums, we also offer various substrates, which form an ideal substrate for various reptiles and other terrarium animals. These include special substrate for different types of snakes or substrate with calcium, which can even be eaten by reptiles. You will also find solutions for perfect drainage of the terrarium floor.

Our terrarium moss and all other substrates for the terrarium have one thing in common: You can rely on best quality and natural ingredients. You won't find any chemical additives or other additives in our terrarium moss or in the litter for terrariums. Everything in the sense of the health of your reptiles, amphibians and other terrarium animals.