Bark as litter in the terrarium

When it comes to our bark as bedding and substrate for terrariums, this can easily be summarized: Only the best that the forest has to offer for your terrarium.

Whether you need a biologically perfect fir bark, real soil directly from the jungle or special terrarium bedding made of natural coconut fibre - your reptiles will benefit from the high quality of our substrate, which does not require any chemicals or additives, just as terrarium animals love it. When choosing a substrate for your terrarium, please never forget that it is the bedding in the terrarium that strongly determines the terrarium climate and keeping conditions of terrarium animals. Only with the right substrate can reptiles and other animals develop naturally and healthily in the terrarium. Especially when it comes to choosing the right substrates for rainforest terrariums, you should take a closer look at our high-quality litter.

Important for you: When choosing the right substrate for terrariums, we only trust a really capable producer and that is nature itself. That's why you can be sure that our terrarium substrates provide your reptiles with an ideal, hygienic substrate that provides the best conditions for a healthy terrarium environment.