Substrate & Beddings

Substrate for terrariums

The substrate or bedding is crucial for terrarium hygiene and only the right substrate, which exactly meets the requirements of your reptiles or amphibians, promotes the natural behaviour of terrarium animals.

That is why our terrarium shop offers you a large selection of different types of substrate and terrarium bedding, so that you can find exactly the right substrate for your reptiles and amphibians. No matter whether you need the best desert sand for bearded dragons or other reptiles living in the desert, real fir bark, pebbles from river beds for water turtle basins, jungle soil from the heart of natural primeval forests or real mosses for moisture regulation: with us you will always find the right substrate for your terrarium. We also offer more special substrate types for terrariums, e.g. terrarium sand with a high clay content, with the help of which you can form complete landscapes in the terrarium or natural beech wood shavings, which form a perfect substrate for snakes.

Whatever type of bedding or substrate you choose in our terrarium shop, you are on the safe side with our terrarium substrate offers. Buy productive, natural and top hygienic terrarium bedding at an incredibly low price and offer your reptiles, amphibians and other terrarium animals the best housing conditions with our ingenious choice of substrate.