Waterfalls & Wells

Waterfalls & wells for your terrarium

A waterfall or a well in a terrarium is much more than just terrarium decoration. Many types of reptiles do not consume stagnant water, so terrarium waterfalls or terrarium wells also provide drinking water for reptiles.

In addition, a waterfall in the terrarium improves the climatic conditions and increases the humidity in the terrarium. Our waterfalls and fountains for terrariums have proven themselves thousands of times and are manufactured to the highest quality standards. The installation of a terrarium fountain or special terrarium waterfall is an absolute child's play and also a wonderful visual enhancement of the terrarium. Great rock design ensures that a waterfall integrates effortlessly into the terrarium equipment. Function and form are ideally matched to the terrarium and offer strong terrarium technology for a long service life. Our terrarium waterfalls are available in different sizes, so that even where there is little space in the terrarium, a waterfall can be used without problems.

If you are looking for a waterfall or a fountain for your terrarium, you are guaranteed to find it in our shop and benefit from our favourable prices for reptile accessories.