Roots & Woods

Roots & Woods for the Terrarium

Wood always plays an important role in the decoration of terrariums, because it not only enhances the appearance of the terrarium. Wood decoration underlines the natural character of terrariums and is also a genuine natural product.

Very popular are different roots and climbing branches for the decoration of terrariums, because these individual pieces from nature not only look very good, they are also a real boon for climbing reptiles and provide a more than meaningful extension of the habitat in the terrarium. In addition, such climbing branches for the terrarium are very easy to maintain and absolutely free of harmful substances. Climbing branches fit into almost every terrarium environment and in our terrarium shop we offer such climbing branches in different sizes and shapes. Also very popular: Genuine jungle wood, which we offer in the form of so-called corkscrew lianas - beautiful pieces directly formed by Mother Nature and a fascinating highlight in jungle terrariums. Cork tubes directly from the cork oak provide, in addition to great optics, a great retreat, which reptiles are happy to accept.

No matter which wood decoration you choose - you will improve the optics in the terrarium decisively and give your reptiles completely new possibilities. Create an extension for your terrarium animals in the world of terrariums. And our customers already know that good terrarium decoration doesn't have to be expensive anyway!