Hobby Cork Tubes

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Pure nature and a wonderful terrarium decoration: HOBBY CORK TUBES! Free of chemicals, washed and can be used directly in the terrarium.

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Hobby Cork Tubes - the natural terrarium decoration

The most beautiful pieces come mostly directly from the lap of mother nature. This applies not least to the terrarium decoration and especially to these large cork tubes, which are the bark of cork oaks. Chemical post-treatment is a no-no in this case and nevertheless no mould forms when the cork tubes are used in the terrarium - the natural wood preservatives in the cork ensure perfect impregnation. The cork tubes do little work: You get your terrariums cork tubes thoroughly cleaned and can insert them directly into the terrarium. The cork tubes have a considerable volume and are therefore also suitable as a beautiful hiding place for larger reptiles such as monitors, agamas or giant snakes. Terrarium animals appreciate this retreat especially in stressful moments. Optically, the cork tubes are always a highlight in the terrarium decoration - whether desert terrarium or rain forest terrarium. The cork tubes are also a great decoration option for large terrariums.

Not only for reptiles and the use in terrariums the cork tubes are an ingenious thing. Who holds Chinchillas, rabbits, rats or other rodents, is well served with the cork tubes. Rodents love this wood - not only for hiding and climbing (the rough surface is ideal for this), but also for nibbling on. Thus the teeth of rodents become healthy and naturally worn.

Natural product - please note:

Our cork tubes have grown naturally and therefore no piece is like the other. Therefore we cannot give you 100 % exact dimensions for the cork tubes. The shape and colour of the cork tubes can of course also differ from our product illustrations. What we can guarantee, however, are the minimum dimensions of the cork tubes. In most cases, however, these are exceeded - in some cases significantly. So you get a lot more cork at the same price.

The diameter of the cork tubes is approx. 12 cm - the length of the cork tubes is approx. 40-60 cm.

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