Hideouts, Caves & Tunnels

Hideouts, caves & tunnels for reptiles

Terrarium caves are the optimal place for reptiles and other terrarium animals to hide in the terrarium. A terrarium cave is not only practical, takes the stress off many reptiles, but such a terrarium cave can also be an optical highlight in the terrarium and fit perfectly to the terrarium equipment.

You will therefore find a large selection of terrarium caves in our terrarium shop. This can be a classic terrarium cave in a chic rock design or a tree stump cave, i.e. a terrarium cave that looks like the stump of a tree. You will find space-saving corner caves for terrariums as well as special burrows that are simply buried in the ground in the terrarium. Absolute decoration highlights for desert terrariums and many other types of terrariums are our popular Dekoskulls, terrarium caves in the form of skeletonized skulls. Also beautiful and practical: terrarium caves in the form of tree bark, which can hardly be distinguished from real wood. And for those who like it more natural: Our terrarium caves made of real coconut shells are especially suitable for jungle terrariums.

You will also find tunnels for reptiles in our offer. These ingenious systems give your reptiles a great retreat in the terrarium and you can still see at any time what your terrarium animals are doing. Our terrarium caves are in any case a wonderful extension of the habitats of reptiles in the terrarium and at the same time a great terrarium decoration.