Hobby Montemar water bowl and cave

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The ingenious 3-in-1 solution: HOBBY MONTEMAR! Water bowl, cave hiding place and climbing rocks for reptiles. Can also be used as a wetbox.

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  • Wassernapf, Höhlenversteck und Kletterfelsen auf engstem Raum
  • Beeindruckt durch sein besonders realistisches Felsdesign
  • Mehrere Funktionen gleichzeitig und besonders leicht zu reinigen
  • Hochwertiges Terrarienzubehör zum genialen Sparpreis

Hobby Montemar - a visually stunning combination of water bowl and cave for the terrarium

Hobby Montemar is one of the really ingenious and practical furnishing ideas for the terrarium. Here a practical water bowl was combined with a beautifully formed cave hiding place. Not only does it look really good, it is incredibly space-saving and perfectly suited for keeping and caring for reptiles and other terrarium animals. And that's not all: Hobby Montemar is a real food for climbing enthusiasts, because the rock structure of this beautiful combination makes it easy for reptiles to find support and pursue their climbing desires. A top 3-in-1 solution: water bowl, cave hiding place and climbing rocks in the smallest space and for many terrarium types simply 100 % perfectly suitable. This is not least due to the high-quality workmanship of the Hobby Montemar: Sturdy plastic was used, which gets by completely without pollutants, and by the complex optics the Hobby Montemar looks absolutely natural. You have to take the combination of water bowl, cave hiding place and climbing rock in your hand until you realize that it is not a real rock. The practical side has also been taken into consideration: the Hobby Montemar is particularly easy to clean, which makes the life of a terrarium keeper easier. Due to its high weight and low centre of gravity, the Hobby Montemar cannot be overturned by reptiles and other terrarium animals. A safe and clean solution for your terrarium. And don't be surprised if your reptiles quickly turn the Montemar hobby into their new favourite playground. Hobby Montemar has also proven itself very well as a wet box in terrarium practice. With a Wetbox you provide for an effortless moulting with many reptile kinds and besides a Wetbox is well suitable to create a moist area for the animals in which they can regulate the moisture balance of the body themselves.

You get the practical Hobby Montemar from us in 2 different sizes, suitable for almost every terrarium and always at an absolute economy price.

Hobby Montemar, water bowl, cave hiding place and climbing rocks, medium: 20 cm x 18 cm x 9 cm
Hobby Montemar, water bowl, cave hiding place and climbing rocks, large: 29 cm x 23 cm x 9 cm

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