Food Rocks & Food Bowls

Feed rocks and feeds for your reptiles

Food bowls for reptiles are part of the basic equipment in almost all terrariums and this is especially true for our food bowls, because these special bowls have been specially developed for use in terrariums. The terrarium food bowls are made of a synthetic resin which is food safe and contains no harmful substances for reptiles and other terrarium animals.

No matter how big or small your terrarium is, you will find a food bowl in the right size. And a feeding bowl for reptiles can also look incredibly decorative, as the beautiful rock look of our feeding bowls shows. But feeding reptiles can also awaken hunting instincts and become an exciting event in the terrarium. Therefore we offer you special cricket food stones, which also prevent an uncontrolled spread of food insects in the terrarium. Also practical: special food bowls for mealworms, zophobas and other crawling food animals that cannot break out of this food bowl.

Our feed rocks and feed bowls come from the quality production of well-known terrarium manufacturers and are characterized by the best workmanship. Here you will find the right solution for the species-appropriate feeding of reptiles for every terrarium.