Drinking & Bath Bowls

Drinking and bath bowls for reptiles

A drinking bowl is part of the basic equipment in the terrarium so that your reptiles can consume sufficient drinking water in the terrarium. Not every vessel is suitable as a drinking bowl for reptiles. Our water bowls, on the other hand, are made of a special, food-safe synthetic resin that is very easy and thorough to clean.

This makes our drinking bowls for terrariums simply ideal for use in terrariums and in addition to practical functions, many of the terrarium drinking bowls are characterized by an incredibly beautiful and decorative appearance. In our Terraristikshop you can get drinking bowls in rock optics or unusual reptiles drinking bowls in the form of tree stumps or with bark decoration. We even offer combinations of terrarium caves and reptile drinking bowls. Also necessary in many terrariums: Large bath bowls for reptiles! Bath bowls for the terrarium are no different from good drinking bowls, but terrarium bath bowls are characterized by their size. So you can buy from us bath bowls that measure up to half a meter. A great helper in the drinking water supply of reptiles and amphibians is a so-called long-term drink. This special water bowl is equipped with a storage bottle so that reptiles and other terrarium animals can be supplied with sufficient drinking water even when you are away.

Our drinking bowls and bath bowls for the terrarium are made of very high quality and convince by their decorative appearance and many practical functions. In addition, they represent a significant contribution to the improvement of terrarium hygiene. And of course: Like all terrarium products that you buy from the reptile cosmos, our drinking bowls and bath bowls are also cheaper than you might think.