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Terrarium Plant Sets & Others

If you are looking for a particularly beautiful and sumptuous terrarium decoration, you can save a lot of money with our plant sets for terrariums. Here we have combined for you some particularly beautiful terrarium plants in such a way that an absolutely ingenious optics results in the terrarium. If you own a desert terrarium, you will particularly like our cactus set, because it contains 6 wonderful, artificial cacti, which were modeled on the originals down to the smallest detail.

There is real desert flair in the terrarium and also your reptiles (bearded dragons and other desert reptiles) will love these terrarium plants, because they are a welcome hiding place and shade at the same time. You will also find a great set of beautiful jungle plants for rainforest terrariums. All terrarium plants have been very elaborately manufactured and have a base for safe stand. For reptiles and other terrarium inhabitants, these artificial terrarium plants are completely harmless, because they are made of non-toxic plastics.

Last but not least, with our artificial terrarium plants you have almost no maintenance effort. The deco plants are simply cleaned under running water and can immediately be put back into the terrarium. High-quality terrarium decoration can hardly be simpler, cheaper and more beautiful.