Jungle Plants

Jungle plants for the terrarium

Rainforest terrariums are a particularly popular type of terrarium, which is no wonder, as many reptiles live in tropical forest areas. A feature of such habitats is the lush vegetation, which should also be reproduced in the domestic terrarium by terrarium plants, so that reptiles feel comfortable and can behave naturally.

For this you can use real terrarium plants, whereby the maintenance effort for a living terrarium decoration is very high and also makes some demands on the terrarium hygiene. This is much easier with our artificial terrarium plants. You will find a variety of completely natural looking terrarium plants, which are completely free of toxins and which are often optically hardly distinguishable from real plants. Among these terrarium plants for rainforest terrariums are many well-known plant species and also lianas or lush grasses. Here not only the eye is offered much. A well planted terrarium is also elementary for keeping reptiles, because many terrarium animals need this planting in the terrarium for retreat or as cover.

It is therefore no disadvantage to use artificial terrarium plants for your terrarium, because you save a lot of additional work. In addition, our terrarium plants last virtually forever and three days and do not pose a threat to your reptiles. As far as prices are concerned, this also applies to our terrarium plants: You can save a lot on the reptile cosmos!