Flowers & Bushes

Flowers & bushes for terrarium decoration

Terrarium decoration can sometimes be simply more sumptuous and here flowers and bushes are a good choice for terrarium plants. Not only in jungle terrariums do such terrarium plants look beautiful, they are optical highlights in different terrarium species.

Real terrarium plants are of course the only true kind of terrarium decoration for many terrarium fans, but the maintenance effort for natural flowers or bushes is quite high. In addition, real terrarium planting can have a negative effect on the hygiene in the terrarium. A wonderful and at the same time easy-care alternative for terrarium plants are artificial deco plants, which are modelled on real plants down to the last detail and are made of pollutant-free plastic - ideal for terrarium decoration and often a welcome retreat for reptiles and other terrarium animals. No maintenance is necessary and such terrarium plants are practically durable forever and are very easy to clean. The selection of great deco plants is particularly large in our shop for reptile supplies: bromeliad, fern, boxwood, orchid or laurel bush - there is something for every terrarium and every taste.

And so that the terrarium decoration doesn't cost too much money, our golden reptile cosmos rule also applies to the terrarium plants: the best terrarium accessories and wonderful terrarium decoration in all variations always at a low price.