Desert Plants

Desert plants for the desert terrarium

Desert terrariums are particularly popular with reptile keepers, which is likely to have something to do with their inhabitants. Bearded dragons in particular are among the absolute favorites among reptiles in human hands and are often housed in elaborately designed desert terrariums. Ideally, you should equip a desert terrarium with suitable desert plants, because such terrarium plants not only look pretty, they also serve reptiles as a retreat or shade in the terrarium.

If you don't want to plant real desert plants in the terrarium, you can easily fall back on our great terrarium plants for the desert terrarium. These include various types of cacti, some of which are modeled on real desert cacti down to the smallest detail, or agaves, which are also characteristic of desert areas. Of course you will find such desert plants in different sizes, depending on how much space your desert terrarium offers. These artificial terrarium plants also often have a heavy pedestal, which ensures a firm stand in the terrarium.

The variety of our desert plants for terrariums will inspire you - our small prices for terrarium accessories anyway. You can decorate larger terrariums particularly cheaply with our popular plant sets, which will save you money. So you give your desert terrarium a few beautiful and absolutely natural looking spots of colour.