Aquatic Plants

Aquatic plants for aquaterrariums

There are also wonderful terrarium plants for aquatic terrariums or paludariums that provide optical highlights. The advantage over real aquatic plants is clear: our deco plants for terrariums have a practically unlimited shelf life and you do not have the problem that dead leaves pollute the water in the terrarium.

Optically these artificial aquatic plants can hardly be distinguished from real plants and you have practically no maintenance effort in the terrarium. The decoplants are waterproof, have a base for safe standing and are made of non-toxic materials that are completely harmless to reptiles such as turtles. And not only as terrarium decoration these aquatic plants are a great thing. Aquatic reptiles such as water turtles like to use the plants as camouflage or as an opportunity to rest. The terrarium plants are also a welcome swimming aid for young turtles.

As you can see, an aquatic terrarium or paludarium can also be beautifully decorated with matching terrarium plants without having to resort to real plants, which cause a lot of additional work. Our high-quality reptile-friendly aquatic plants are always available at particularly favourable prices.