Deco Plants

Terrarium deco plants

Real terrarium plants are in any case the royal class in terrarium decoration and the creation of natural habitats for reptiles and amphibians. However, living terrarium plants require a lot of maintenance, otherwise a beautiful terrarium plant will quickly become a source of putrefactive bacteria and pathogens.

If you want to avoid this, you can use our artificial terrarium plants. The advantages of such terrarium plants are obvious: artificial terrarium planting is practically indefinitely durable (even in extremely humid or dry terrarium environments), the terrarium plants are free of toxins and the artificial planting in the terrarium is very easy to maintain. The fact that our terrarium plants can hardly be distinguished optically from their natural counterparts is another advantage. And you know the price: As small as you can expect from the reptile cosmos.

No matter what kind of terrarium you want to decorate - you will certainly get the right plants from us. Whether cacti for desert terrariums, flowers and bushes for jungle terrariums, aquatic plants for aquatic terrariums or beautiful hanging plants - our terrarium plants will inspire you and save you a lot of work.