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Other Terrarium Backgrounds & Accessories

The design of the background is of decisive importance for the design of the terrarium. This does not only apply to the appearance of the back wall of the terrarium. A suitable terrarium back panel expands the habitat of reptiles and other terrarium animals and, depending on the type of back panel, also reduces heat loss in the terrarium.

A special type of terrarium back panel are plantable back panels, with which it is possible to transform your own terrarium into a green oasis. If you like it more spectacular, you should have a look at our photo backgrounds with exciting motifs that give the terrarium a very special flair. Our high-quality terrarium photo backgrounds are printed on both sides so that you can change the motif at will. The climbing nets specially designed for the back wall of the terrarium are also unusual. A back wall root is also an unusual decoration idea with which you can design your terrarium back wall optically ingenious and offer your reptiles additional climbing possibilities.

Whatever you want to design your terrarium back panel: With us you will find ingenious ideas for the terrarium decoration and the back wall design. All terrarium backgrounds originate from the production of renowned terrarium manufacturers and convince by best quality and a particularly favourable savings price.