Cork Back Panels

Cork backgrounds for all terrariums

Terrarium backgrounds made of cork have always been very popular. There are good reasons for this, because a cork back wall is always a very special optical highlight in the terrarium and you can be sure that these back panels are pure natural products.

In addition, cork backgrounds are insensitive to moisture, easy to clean and have an insulating effect that significantly reduces heat loss in the terrarium. A cork back wall is suitable for almost every terrarium type and for all terrarium sizes, since cork back walls can be cut or combined very easily. The installation of cork back panels is very simple and is easy even for beginners. You can choose your cork back panel for the terrarium from numerous different designs, perfectly matching your other terrarium equipment.

Our cork terrarium backgrounds are cheaper than you might think and many of our terrarium backgrounds are individually tested by us for quality. A favourable recommendation are the double packs, which we offer for different terrarium backgrounds and with which you can once again save a lot of money when setting up your terrarium.