Terrarium Thermostats

Only a thermostat can do this in the terrarium: exact and reliable temperature control with maximum comfort. While terrarium thermostats were a real luxury in the early days of terraristics, today it is simply inexpensive to provide the right temperature in the terrarium.

A thermostat in the terrarium means: Perfect keeping temperatures for reptiles, amphibians and other terrarium animals at the touch of a button. Terrarium thermostats are available from us for every budget. Whether you choose a simple thermostat that provides the most important basic functions for maintaining the exact terrarium temperature, or a fully digital luxury thermostat with several circuits: You can rely on our terrarium technology. We only stock thermostats from renowned terrarium manufacturers that have proven their worth in the field. This is how you create the perfect conditions for your reptiles in the terrarium. Setting up a night setback in the terrarium is child's play for our thermostats.

By the way, the so-called combination devices are also in vogue with the thermostats for terrariums. This is a combination of thermostat and hygrostat - 2 devices in one. This not only allows you to regulate the temperature in the terrarium, but also ensures an ideal and species-appropriate humidity. Simply discover the power of our thermostats and give your terrarium animals what they need.