Hygrometer für das Terrarium

Hygrometers are absolutely indispensable for keeping reptiles, because only with a reliable hygrometer you can safely control the humidity in the terrarium. The right humidity is one of the most important aspects for the health of reptiles.

Reptiles from tropical areas, for example, need a high air humidity in order to develop healthily. Hygrometers for measuring the humidity in the terrarium are available in different versions. This starts with the classic round hygrometer, which you can simply stick to a pane of the terrarium and reaches up to highly functional digital hygrometers with remote sensors.

Such modern hygrometers have the advantage that you can measure the humidity at different points directly in the terrarium. In addition, these hygrometers store the highest and lowest humidity values in the terrarium.

Whether you choose a proven analogue hygrometer for your terrarium or a modern digital hygrometer: Our hygrometers for terrariums will convince you - all hygrometers in our range come from the quality production of well-known manufacturers of terrariums. So you will always receive measuring instruments of the best quality - and at a Reptilienkosmos economy price.