Measure & Control

Measuring & controlling in the terrarium

Thermometers do not only belong in the medicine chest, but also in every terrarium. Thermometers and hygrometers are an absolute basic equipment for keeping reptiles and only accurately working thermometers ensure that you are always up to date about the temperature in the terrarium.

A reliable hygrometer shows you at a glance whether the climatic conditions in the terrarium meet the requirements of your reptiles. Our hygrometers and thermometers offer you the necessary accuracy and robustness for daily operation in the terrarium - and all this at particularly favourable prices. If you want to automatically control the climatic conditions in the terrarium, which will relieve you of a lot of manual work when keeping reptiles, you will find high-quality thermostats and hygrostats in the reptile cosmos. A thermostat or hygrostat gives you maximum control. With a thermostat, the temperature in the terrarium always remains within the pre-set range and even a night setback is no problem with a terrarium thermostat.

A hygrostat also makes your work immensely easier and you can be sure that there is always the right humidity in the terrarium. Manual spraying of the terrarium is no longer necessary, which makes keeping reptiles much easier. Thermostats and hygrostats are a good choice for the species-appropriate keeping of reptiles and amphibians in the terrarium. Reliable as the often quoted Swiss movements and in our terrarium shop always at real low prices.