Sprinkler Systems

Irrigation systems in the terrarium

An irrigation system for the terrarium is the professional solution in terms of humidity in the terrarium. Especially for large rain forest terrariums irrigation systems are the means of choice. Not only when it comes to the right humidity in the terrarium, because a sprinkler system can do much more.

With an irrigation system you can simulate climate conditions like in the tropical rain forest, which can significantly increase the well-being of your reptiles. Our professional sprinkler systems for the terrarium can be extended with additional sprinkler nozzles and you can also supply several terrariums with such a powerful sprinkler system. Due to special nozzles such an irrigation system is also suitable for the supply of terrarium plants. An irrigation system in the terrarium is easy to install, absolutely reliable and creates amazing irrigation performance. Last but not least, an irrigation system in the terrarium is also an ingenious optical spectacle that makes the hobby of reptile keeping even more fascinating.

Of course, we also offer you compact sprinkler systems for smaller terrariums, which you can get at particularly favourable prices, and all accessories for your terrarium sprinkler system. In this way you can significantly improve the climate in your terrarium and ensure species-appropriate conditions for keeping reptiles.