Nebuliser, Fogger & Waterfalls

Nebuliser, Fogger, Waterfalls in Terrarium

They ensure the right humidity in the terrarium and thus guarantee the perfect conditions for keeping reptiles. A species-appropriate air humidity in the terrarium is one of the essential keys, so that reptiles and amphibians can develop healthy.

Thus, foggers, ultrasonic nebulisers, waterfalls or pressure spray bottles belong to the most important aids for the terrarium. Quick to install, easy to operate and reliable when it comes to the optimal terrarium climate. With the right accessories, you can provide moisture to multiple terrariums with a single humidifier for the terrarium. Ultrasonic nebulisers, foggers or other humidifiers are an absolute must, especially in rain forest terrariums. This ensures that your terrarium always has the right climate for reptiles.

And those who prefer manual work when moistening the terrarium will be happy with our special pressure spray bottles. These spray bottles for terrariums make pumping particularly easy and with a motor-driven pressure spray bottle you have practically no more manual work.