Accessories Trixie

Trixie Reptile Rain Irrigation System - Accessories for the Terrarium Irrigation System

The Trixie Reptile Rain Irrigation System is one of the most reliable and cost-effective systems when it comes to terrarium irrigation. The Trixie Reptile Rain irrigation system features high reserves, easy installation and uniform irrigation performance. In addition, you get a lot of useful accessories for the high quality irrigation system, so you can upgrade and expand the Trixie Terrarium Irrigation System to meet your needs.

With Trixie's reliable original accessories, you can expand your irrigation system to allow multiple terrariums to irrigate at the same time. A large terrarium or greenhouse can also be supplied with the Trixie Reptile Rain Irrigation System in this way. Additional irrigation nozzles, drippers, distributors and water hoses are available from us in original Trixie quality and at a reduced price. This makes it particularly easy to expand your terrarium irrigation system.

The original accessories for the Trixie Reptile Rain Irrigation System are also ideal in case of worn or defective components. So you can always be sure that the terrarium irrigation works safely and reliably - for the benefit of your reptiles and other terrarium animals.